A Devastating day at Old Trafford

Written by Hycent Egwaogie

Embarrassing scenes at Old Trafford

As many reports have confirmed, it was an embarrassing day at Old Trafford when Mohammed Salah became the first player in the English premier league to score a hattrick at the Theatre of Dreams. It was a day that had Sir Alex Ferguson Shaking his head in awe and disappointment and thousands of fans leaving the ground early. There is no telling if Ole Gunnar Solskjaer survives this, but it is evident that significant changes will need to be made.

A Devastating day at Old Trafford

The visitors came and took everything away from the Red Devils in an abysmal defensive display where United defended like a team in the third tier of any country. And they allowed Salah to humiliate the legacy that Old Trafford stands for.

They played poorly even before they were reduced to ten men, and they failed to score after Paul Pogba was sent off.

Since the beginning of the season, United has been playing badly but getting lucky; it looks like it will be a long season for them if they keep depending on luck rather than an actual game plan.

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