Arsenal’s first goal against United epitomises everything that is wrong with modern football

A unique incident happened in football around 2019 during the English Championship promotion playoffs, which featured a match between Leeds United and Aston Villa. It was one of those games where you had to see it to believe it, and knowing that story is critical in judging what truly happened in Arsenal’s opening goal against Manchester United.

Leeds United scored a goal in the 78th minute and could have qualified for the Premier League if things had gone their way. However, while Mateusz Klich had scored the goal, Villa was missing a player due to injury. Leeds manager Marcelo Bielsa then instructed his players to allow Aston Villa to score a goal because he believed his team did not deserve to score.

Last night, Arsenal had the same opportunity to attempt to be fair. They were not, however. While the goal remained within the confines of the rules, modern football is moving more away from what made it so enticing in the first place: fair play.

Arsenal had no fault in the circumstances and exploited it to the best of their abilities after David De Gea went down due to close contact with Fred. The Manchester United goalie, on the other hand, was plainly wounded and had little chance of reaching Emile Smith-Rowe’s shot. This is where Mikel Arteta, like Marcelo Bielsa, could have displayed some semblance of class.

There are, however, other things to consider. The Premier League is a very different and difficult tournament than the Championship, with far larger stakes. Because the rivalry between Arsenal and Manchester United is so fierce, the desire for both sides to win can easily outweigh any prospect of the game being played fairly.

It is, however, what is wrong with modern football since it continues to abandon the same structures and foundations that have made it what it is today.

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