Chelsea’s best playmakers in the league

Chelsea has a good group with a wealth of talent, particularly among the young academy graduates. With their level of player quality, creating opportunities is second nature to them. In this piece, we’ll look at their most creative players and how many assists they’ve racked up so far this season in the league.

Marcos Alonso – 2 assists

The fullback started the season in place of an injured Ben Chilwell, but quickly established himself as a serious candidate for the starting spot. He has had a significant impact on the team and continues to do so in the majority of the games he plays in.

Hakim Ziyech – 2 assists

The former Ajax player did not have a particularly bold start to the season, but he has managed to affect games when it mattered most, and he was one of the players who stood out when most of Chelsea’s offensive players were sidelined.

Mason Mount – 4 assists

The young midfielder has played in a variety of positions during the season. Chelsea’s form plummeted during their December fixtures, and Mount’s individual brilliance was one of the few things that kept the squad together.

Mateo Kovacic – 5 assists

The Croatian international has also been one of the squad’s unfortunate players who has been sidelined by injury for a period of time. However, he has been Thomas Tuchel’s best midfielder this season, and Chelsea have suffered as a result of his absence.

Reece James – 5 assists

Thomas Tuchel allows his wingbacks to push forward and influence attacks from a position of strength. This has let James use his talents and be more innovative in areas where he excels. Despite his age, he is currently one of the best fullbacks in the league.

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