Is Chelsea the Most Complete Team in Europe`s Top 5 leagues?


Chelsea has been in superb form this season, with seven wins in 9 Premier League games, scoring 23 goals and conceding only 3, none from open play, while in the Champions League, they’ve won two out of three games, scoring five goals, despite not being the best team in the competition at the moment.

Looking at the overall performances of each club in Europe’s top five this season, we can name Liverpool, Bayern Munich, and Napoli as the hottest club in Europe. However, except for Napoli, the England team outperforms most of these teams defensively, conceding fewer goals than the others in their respective leagues. The German team has the most goals scored, but they have also conceded more goals than the other teams mentioned above. Following suit are the Blues, who have conceded only three goals compared to the other teams present. Napoli, who have won all league games this season, has an advantage over all other teams, scoring 19 goals and conceding only 3.

Looking deeper, Chelsea has produced various scorers from the team, and it appears that everyone can stand up and score if the others are silent, which is the true definition of a complete team. We’ve seen it many times where the defenders have to achieve goals for the team to win. To top it all off, the team managed by Thomas Tuchel arguably has the best goalkeeper in the league, the best defensive lineup, and they’ve faced enough tests that have successfully demonstrated that they’re solid and don’t appear to be tiring anytime soon.

Like the German said when he just arrived at the West London club, “This is what we do, and while we are doing this, we can be a team hard to beat, and this is what we want to be. We want to be the team that nobody wants to play against in any competition, and we want to play like it on Sunday.

This is very important to have this attitude. It’s normal that things don’t go in your direction in 90 minutes, so you have to be able to fight through difficult moments. This is what we do to overcome these moments” 

Everything may appear unrealistic at the moment, but he seems to have mastered his voodoo and is already making Chelsea a very dangerous team to play against.

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