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Manchester United must sack a stubborn and tactically unaware Ole soon, Umar Faruq writes

Ole Gunnar Soljskaer played his final cards as Manchester United manager against Liverpool after his side crumbled to a limp and depressing 5-0 defeat on Sunday, he now needs to be removed from his post.

This may be the era of knee-jerk reactions when it comes to assessing a crumbling managerial regime, but Ole’s problems at United have long since become terminal. Now it is a matter of when and not if he is fired.

manchester united

This is not a media bandwagon to get rid of Ole. Not at all. United failing doesn’t sell more papers or create extra clicks on a website. Anything this club does creates interest, so there is no joy in seeing Ole run out of office, and yet we can all see that he now needs to go.

With the 29 games left in the season offering a real chance for Conte, Zidane or whoever will replace Ole to revive a team that is sadly lacking in confidence and guidance, the change needs to be made right now.

While the presence of Antonio Conte and Zinedine Zidane as out-of-work managers has done little to banish the notion that there are better options for United to turn to, that sideshow should not be the most significant factor when Manchester United board make the call on Ole’s future.

Although some will have reservations about hiring Conte, the truth must be that the OGS story at United needs to come to an end in the next few days, with the incompetence of their display against Liverpool confirming what many have been suggesting for many a long month now.

His depressing doctrine is no longer working, we can all see that. United’s players don’t want to play for him anymore and their eagerness to embrace the ideas of a manager whose days of success appear to be consigned to his past. This is a story edging towards an inevitable conclusion with Ole increasingly unlikely to see out October as the club’s manager.

United were pathetic against downbeat opponents, and on a day when Ole had a right to expect a battling performance from his team, he got anything but in an opening 45 minutes that may have been the most lamentable in his time at the club. Second to most balls, unable to enforce their will on the game and, to use an expression their manager hinted at after game, the darkest day since his appointment, this was a Manchester United team hitting rock bottom and Liverpool were good enough to take advantage with early goals from Naby Keita, Diogo Jota and a record-breaking hat-trick from Mohamed Salah.

Whether it happens before the game against Tottenham on Saturday or in the opening week of November ahead of the Champions League return leg tie against Atalanta on November 2nd, Ole will soon join the ranks of former United managers in what will be a tragic end to a fine managerial career. Sadly for Ole and all associated with Manchester United, this has proved to be one job too far for one of Europe’s most iconic footballing talents of his era.

It will soon be time to write his sporting epitaph.

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