Manchester United’s worst performing players this season

Manchester United has not fared as well as many fans had hoped at the start of the season. West Ham United knocked them out of the EFL Cup, and they lost to Leicester City, Watford, Manchester City, and Liverpool in dramatic fashion.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer was fired as a result of the situation. While his tactics were partly to fault, there’s no denying that the players let him down, with many of them performing dreadfully in the last weeks of his reign.

We highlighted three of the key culprits in this post, as well as how they have been the club’s worst performers thus far this season.

1. Luke Shaw

Shaw’s career took a turn for the better under Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, as he began playing exceptionally well over a six-month period leading up to the Euros 2020. He played well for England, but as the league season began, his form completely collapsed, and he quickly became one of the club’s worst performers.

2. Harry Maguire

The Manchester United captain was by far the most disappointing of the players since he carried a great deal of responsibility and was held to a high standard due to the high expectations that came with being the club’s captain. During Solskjaer’s final months in charge, he was personally responsible for the majority of United’s goals conceded.

3. Paul Pogba

Pogba has always been one of the top talents of his generation, but his inconsistency and injury problems have made him an unreliable member of the squad. He had seven assists in the first few games of the season, but then he went cold. He’s been a defensive liability, and despite the fact that he has a lot of potential, some people believe he doesn’t put in enough effort.

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