Sir Alex Ferguson: A Legend Of The Times

Sir Alex Ferguson: A Legend Of The Times

Written by Ajide Abayomi Paul 

To be or not to be? Only time tells. “Time waits for nobody,” so goes the famous saying. But on the 5th of May 2018, a man made time wait for him yet again, just like time has always waited for him from his playing days to his managerial career.

Last-minute equalizers and winners are so beautiful. Yet, they can also be heartbreaking, but one thing is sure, the stadium’s atmosphere would indeed be in stark contrast; both sets of fans would never feel the same way, the rapture of joy at one end and the utmost distraught coupled with deafening silence at the other end. Sir Alex Ferguson had always been so familiar with this, as he was a striker in his playing days and went on to be the only manager who could tell time what to do. So good a friend he was with time that time was named after him. “Fergie Time,” as it became known as. Sir Alex’s team would win late in many games, in injury time, and sometimes even past the allocated minutes of the time added on.

Sir Alex Ferguson: A Legend Of The Times

The aura around Old Trafford and the Theatre of Dreams make the ground a place for the fans of Manchester United and a dreaded place for visiting fans and teams; this owes mainly to The famous “Fergie Time” dating back to Steve Bruce’s goal against Sheffield Wednesday. A goal that gave Manchester United a vital three points on their way to the inaugural Premier League title in 1992-93. Micheal Owen’s 96th-minute winner in the Manchester Derby and Federico Macheda’s last-minute stunner against Aston Villa, both in 2009, are all proof of “Fergie Time.”

Teddy Sheringham and Ole Gunnar Solksjær also scored two late goals to rescue Fergie’s team from an imminent Champions League heartbreak and plunge them into what legendary ITV commentator Clive Tyldesley called the promised land in 1999. In Tyldesley’s words, “Manchester United have reached the promised land.” All these were the trademark of a true champion in Sir Alex Ferguson. In all, 27 years, 38 trophies, numerous personal awards, and a knighthood, the boy from Aberdeen has only gone and done it in Manchester, North West England, but 2018 was more magical for the time king.

The living legend would later reveal in an interview that he was reduced to tears over worries that he would lose his memory after suffering a brain hemorrhage, “losing my memory was my biggest fear when I suffered a brain hemorrhage in 2018.”

Sir Alex Ferguson: A Legend Of The Times

The former Rangers striker mentioned in an interview. Little did he know that the time was still his friend and would always do his bidding. His son Jason had to make the emergency call; Sir Alex would be recalled saying, “I was crying because I don’t remember a thing” Jason also mentioned that the Man United legend put his head in his hands and said ‘Oh, I hope there’s nothing wrong with my memory, there better be nothing wrong with my memory.’

Emotional moments were for one of the finest managers ever, but the man has forgotten that “Time” has always been and still would be his friend. The time was enough time for the ambulance to arrive; there was enough time for him to be taken to the hospital and more than enough time to get him an emergency surgery. And so the legend of the times still had enough time to get his memory back and talk extensively about his life through to his career and everything he has achieved in a documentary titled: “Never Give in” directed by his son Jason Ferguson.

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