The 5 takeaways from Manchester United`s thrashing of Spurs

The 5 takeaways from Manchester United`s thrashing of Spurs

The 5 takeaways from Manchester United`s thrashing of Spurs

Manchester United has won for the first time in four games since their humiliation at the hands of Liverpool at Old Trafford. We compiled a list of 5 key talking points from the match.


1. A modification in the system

United had conceded 15 goals in their previous eight games, and they needed to improve their defense. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer reacted by switching to a back three, bringing in Raphael Varane, Victor Lindelof, and Harry Maguire.

2. United dominated the game for the most part.

The back three system appeared to work well, as Solskjaer’s team dominated the game for the majority of the time, which is impressive considering they were playing away from home. The midfield was dominated by Scott Mctominay and Fred, but United utilised the flanks to build up their assaults, so both fullbacks saw a lot of the ball.

3. Aaron Wan-Bissaka performed admirably.

For Spurs’ wide players, Manchester United’s right wing appeared to be a dead end. Son Heung-Min went to the right to try to exploit Luke Shaw’s defensive flaws as it became increasingly difficult to mount assaults from the right.

Wan-Bissaka was also energised as the game progressed. He hasn’t played many games as a wingback, but he appears to have adjusted well to the position.

4. Varane’s return from injury is a big bonus. 

When the Frenchman was wounded while on international service for France, United’s defense disintegrated. His return energized the team, and he, along with Maguire and Lindelof, handled the bulk of the hard lifting.

5. Solskjaer has a second chance.

While it is clear that Ole Gunnar Solskjaer would have lost his job if United lost against Spurs, a win gives the Norwegian a second chance to redeem himself in front of United supporters who had given up on him.

Manchester United will meet Atalanta in the Champions League’s second round of matches, with United leading the group. A win immediately before their match against Manchester City would go a long way toward lifting everyone’s spirits at the club.

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