The Premier League’s top central strikers

While it is still the center forward’s primary responsibility to score goals, some managers assign them a more crucial tasks such as bringing others into play and disturbing the defense so that teammates may exploit the openings they create. 

Ivan Toney

Toney was a product of Brentford’s amazing scouting network, which spotted potential in him when no one else did. He has not scored as many goals in the Premier League this season as he did in the Championship, but he makes a lot of effort for his teammates when they don’t have the ball.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Because of the sheer amount of times the Portugal captain has scored for Manchester United, the popular belief that he is upsetting the balance of the squad has already been refuted. If it weren’t for him, United would be out of the Champions League already this season.

Michail Antonio

The guy was converted to a center forward and has performed admirably in that role. He can play as a target man, but his pace and ball control allow him to be more advanced.

Ollie Watkins

Watkins joined Villa from Brentford and has proven to be an important member of the squad. The striker looks and plays like a classic forward, and his ability to connect up with his teammates has proven to be essential.

Jamie Vardy

The striker has spent a long time at Leicester and has established himself as one of the best finishers in the Premier League in recent years. Despite his age, the centre forward appears to have maintained his speed, which he uses to exploit slow opposition defenders.

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