Flashback Friday; 10 Crazy Moments in Football

The start of another weekend ahead of the most anticipated domestic league games. We Are bringing to you Ten crazy and funny things that have happened in the Football world. 


1. Goalkeeper uses his phone during a match 

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It is said that the average youth uses their phone 150 times a day, but not when you’re on duty unless you’re Atlético Paranaense’s Santos. Just before kick-off in the Brazilian Serie A match on Sunday, The Keeper picked up his phone and attended to what must have been a pretty urgent matter. Though he discarded it immediately, the referee blew for the game to start. Everyone present was somewhat surprised to whatever he must have wanted to attend to as the game was about to begin. Post-match, Atletico Paranaense manager Fernando Diniz was just as bemused by the incident as much as anyone else, “I don’t know,” he told Brazilian media post-match. “I think it’s strange: Santos is a very responsible player. I thought it was strange; that’s what I can say.”

2. Eden Hazard Kicks a Ball Boy


Everyone knows the former Chelsea player to be a lovely man who always smiles and wants to enjoy his game. Time wasting has become a dark but popular act in football, with everything from faking injuries to cat-walking off the pitch during substitutions. In a Capital One Cup game between Chelsea and Swansea in 2013, even the ball boy got in on the act, laying on top of the ball to use up a few precious seconds. Hazard kicked it out from underneath him, earning him a red card.

3. Surprise Visitor Drops from Sky to Watch a Football Game


Many renegade things have found their way to a pitch over history, but how often has a parachutist disrupted proceedings? After a charity parachutist fell onto the field in the middle of a game in 2013, Salisbury City’s match with Chester was temporarily interrupted. In one of the most unique and amusing stoppages in history, he gathered his parachute and slowly made his way off the pitch.

4. Messi Performing the “draft excluder.”


Who’d have guessed that the most outstanding player in history would fall to the ground and attempt to block an incoming ball from the free-kick spot? With the introduction of the so-called “draft excluder” designed to prevent goals from being scored soon after, shooting the ball beneath the wall has been a common strategy for free-kick takers in recent years. It is a familiar sight in today’s game, but a player of Messi’s caliber is rarely called upon to do so. Although the ball did not strike him, it is a hilarious and historic moment to witness in one’s football career.

5. The Grasshopper enjoys James Arm


We’ve seen a lot of animals on the pitch over the years, but a Grasshopper riding on a player’s arm is something we never expected to see. The enormous Grasshopper was seen on Colombian’s arm after James Rodiguez successfully converted the penalty against Brazil at the 2014 World Cup. It could have been there to possibly jinx the game, which succeeded because they lost 2-1 to the hosts.

6. Suarez Biting history


The Uruguayan international tended to bite players who he felt were tackling him too close or too hard. In 2010, when he was still playing for Ajax, he was involved in his first incident. For biting PSV Eindhoven’s Otman Bakkal in the shoulder, he received a seven-game suspension. The second incident occurred while he was playing for Liverpool in 2013, when he was suspended for biting Chelsea’s Branislav Ivanovic on the arm, resulting in a ten-game suspension. In 2014, when playing for Uruguay in the 2014 World Cup, he bit Italy’s Giorgio Chiellini, which was the last act from him in a long time. He was not penalized during the game but received a hefty match suspension and was kicked out of the competition.

7. UCL Pitch Invader


The champions league final in 2019 was momentarily brought to a halt in the first half after the scantily-clad blonde woman jumped over the advertising hoardings and sprinted across the Wanda Metropolitano pitch. The Invader later explained why she opted to disrupt the massive game between Liverpool and Tottenham in Madrid; she took to her social media and said, “Life is for living, do crazy things that you will remember forever,” she wrote, accompanied by a video of her pitch invasion filmed from the stands and footage of her being dragged away by stewards behind the scenes. She then posted a picture of herself being led away, watched by Spurs midfielder Harry Winks, captioned: “Did I distract #8 a little too much?”

8. French ref Tony Chapron Kicks a Player


Three years ago, one of the most shocking and funny moments in recent football history happened when referee Tony Chapron kicked a player. It was In a game between Nantes and PSG in Ligue One. Diego Carlos, now at Sevilla, accidentally tripped the official as he was running back towards goal. Chapron completely lost his head and aimed a kick-out at the Brazilian, then proceeded to give him a second yellow card that saw him sent off in the most bizarre circumstance, Carlos’ red card was subsequently rescinded, and Chapron, who had been a full-time referee for years, was given a six-month suspension

9. Armed PAOK owner confronts Ref after a disallowed goal


Everyone has seen a manager get sent to the stands for overly exuberant objections to a decision that hasn’t gone his team’s way. Still, when PAOK had a goal disallowed in the 89th minute against rivals AEK Athens, it wasn’t the manager who caused a scene. The Greek side’s owner stormed onto the pitch to make his feelings known to the referee, which is bad enough on its own, but he did so with a gun holstered on his waist. He has since been banned from football stadiums for three years.

10. Messi taking pictures with the opponent’s son after a game.

Even though Messi couldn’t find the back of the net and was pretty silent on his league debut for PSG, the Argentine still found a way to make headlines after his Opponents goalkeeper requested him to take pictures with his Son. After the match, Reims’ goalkeeper, who could not believe he would ever meet Lionel Messi as his team plays only the local league in which Messi was never going to play before. He approached Messi and asked if he could take pictures with his own Son. 

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