Is Bruno Fernandes more Important to United than Cristiano Ronaldo?

fernandesAfter Cristiano Ronaldo’s shocking move to Manchester United, there has been enormous expectations from the Manchester United fans and the footballing community at large. But with the team’s recent performances, there seems to be more stumbling blocks ahead for them and the presence of the five-time Ballon D’or winner hasn’t really changed much in the team. However, there has been a very consistent big team player amongst the Red Devils. That person is Bruno Fernandes.  Since his move almost 2 years ago, he has been consistently impressive and has only had a few bad games.

Narrowing it down to just this season alone, nobody in the team has created more big chances in the league and in the champions league.  In comparison, Ronaldo has not created any big chance yet, both in the league and in UCL. Fernandes has also amassed 2 assists in the Premier league and 3 assists in the champions league, compared to his Portugueses teammate who has none in both competitions. Ronaldo on the other hand has only edged him in the goal scoring charts with 6 goals across all competitions and Fernandes 4 goals in the Premier league. 

The attacking midfielder has been in exquisite since the season started.  Although he failed to nail down a point for his team against Aston Villa, but according to opta; “No player has created more chances in single Premier League game this season than Bruno Fernandes (10 vs. Aston Villa).”

With the penalty he missed that day taking the headlines, he didn’t really do much justice to his overall performance in that particular game. The same almost occurred last night with Cristiano Ronaldo scoring the winner for the team and taking all deserved praises, but Fernandes was behind the scenes doing all the beautiful work and creating all the chances. According to Squwaka; “No player has created more chances in single #UCL  game this season than Bruno Fernandes (8 vs. Atalanta) Magnifico.” 🪄

bruno fernandes

Now the question is should Cristiano Ronaldo be taking more personal accolades for just scoring late winners than the man who has been doing all the major work in every game for the team?

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