Ref Watch: Ronaldo Lucky not to have suffered same fate as Paul Pogba vs Liverpool on Sunday

Ref Watch: Ronaldo Lucky not to have suffered same fate as Paul Pogba vs Liverpool on Sunday

In the latest Sky Sport edition of Ref watch, former Premier League referee Dermot Gallagher runs over the rule in the weekend’s big incidents and asks whether Cristiano Ronaldo should have followed Paul Pogba from the field in Manchester United’s humbling defeat to Liverpool. 

The referee of the game was Anthony Taylor and during the match, the Five-time ballon d’Or winner bundles Curtis Jones over and twice tries to kick the ball from under the Liverpool midfielder while he is on the ground. Ronaldo makes contact with the ball with both kicks but the force behind his attempts to win the ball back earned him a yellow card. And according to Dermot Gallagher, “Ronaldo was lucky the ball was there, that is what saved him from being shown a red card. What also helped was that he stopped when he did. It wasn’t the wisest thing to do, there is force behind the kicks, but the fact that the ball was there has done him a great favour.”

“When you look at it in the end, the yellow card was the right decision. It’s difficult to say if things would have been different had Jones rolled about on the floor but he didn’t, he was very good and very professional.”

While pogba on the other hand was shown an initial yellow card for a bad tackle on Naby Keita, which was later turned into a red card after a VAR review before Keita was being stretched off the field.

“It’s definitely the right decision. The referee sees it as a yellow card because of where he is on the pitch, but when you see it back, Pogba clearly goes over the ball, arrives from a distance, and makes contact with Keita’s studs, and when you come from distance you gather intensity. The fact Keita had to leave the field on a stretcher showed how bad a tackle it was, Pogba was quite rightly sent off.” The former England referee says.

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