The top 4 Goalkeepers in the Champions League

The top 4 Goalkeepers in the Champions League


Goalkeeping is an important aspect of the game, and some may argue that it is the most crucial aspect. He is the team’s last line of defense, and if the defense fails, the goalkeeper can either fail or save the squad.

This is why the greatest teams in history have always had incredible goalkeepers, and we’ll look at the top goalkeepers in the Champions League this season.

1. Ajax’s Remko Pasveer

0.5 goals conceded per game

Bayern Munich

Andre Onana, who has not been with the team since the beginning of the season, is reportedly considering leaving. Pasveer, on the other hand, has shown to be a superb backup. Despite the fact that the Ajax backline has done more than enough to ensure he has less to do, the goalkeeper still performs admirably when called upon.

2. Juventus` Wojciech Szczsny

0.5 goals conceded per game

Juventus has been abysmal in Serie A by their standards, but exceptional in the Champions League, with the majority of their victories coming thanks to the sharpness of their goalkeeper Szczesny. Juventus has the duel of Bonucci and Chiellini to rely on, which makes Szczsny’s task a lot easier.

3. Bayern Munich`s Manuel Neuer

0.5 goals conceded per game

Neuer has been regarded as one of the greatest goalkeepers of all time and is still one of the best in the world. The German established a reputation for stopping attacks before they ever began during his long tenure with Bayern, and he is living up to that moniker once again this season

4. Chelsea`s Edouard Mendy

0.3 goals conceded per game

To get a true sense of how brilliant the Chelsea goalkeeper is, you should look at his Premier League stats, which aren’t far off from his UCL numbers. For the Blues, the goalie has been consistently good, and he is the sole reason they continue to retain clean sheets. He has only allowed one goal in the UCL so far this season, and he appears to be a strong contender for the Golden Glove.

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