Zaha reveals he was a victim of Racist Abuse on social media yesterday


The Crystal Palace star says he was a target of racism on social media following their win over Manchester City on Saturday night. 

Zaha, who opened the scoreline in the sixth minute of the game to contribute to his team’s victory, shared screenshots showing multiple racist messages he received on his Instagram account adding a post explaining why he wanted to show the abuse to his followers on instagram. 

“This message isn’t for me to get a million messages saying we stand with you and it’s disgusting or about me getting sympathy,” he said. “I’m not here for all the nonsense that is being done instead of fixing the actual problem!”

“I don’t mind abuse because nowadays it comes with doing the job. I do even though it’s not an excuse but my colour will always be the real problem but it’s fine because I’ll always be BLACK AND PROUD!” Adding to his post he said “Speak to me when you actual [sic] take this issue serious [sic],”

The Ivorian star had previously told CNN that he’s always scared of opening the messages on his Instagram account due to the number of racist messages he always receives. 

The social media platform recently opened a new tool that is said to filter racist and abusive messages automatically from accounts. 

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